"She has talented actors that I hire on a regular basis and look forward to many more years of business together."

– Sean Cossey, Cossey/Ogilvy Casting

"I was impressed by her drive and determination on behalf of her clients."

– Candice Elzinga, Emmy nominated Casting Director

"I look forward to working with Carrie Wheeler Entertainment Group more in the future and cannot recommend them enough as a valuable asset and member of the Canadian film and television community."

– Judy Lee, Casting Director

"Carrie is one of my top go-to sources for fresh faces ready to expand their careers in Los Angeles. She understands the market and with a nurturing business approach, pushes her clients to strive for excellence." 

- Adam Levine, Manager, Industry Entertainment Los Angeles

"Carrie Wheeler is one of the most pro-active and professionally-creative agents I’ve ever worked with. Her passion for her actors, her discipline at getting them into rooms, and her drive to develop their careers makes her one of the best and most respected in the industry. Carrie balances a nurturing for her actors with no-nonsense drive…the result is: her people work."

– Matthew Harrison, Acting Coach, The Actor’s Foundry

"Avant garde, innovative, and celebrated. Three words that I feel best represent Carrie Wheeler and the agency. I wish everyone I dealt with was this professional."

– Simon Longmore, President, Vancouver Academy of Dramatic Arts

"Carrie has jumped started my career in a way I never dreamed possible. Her ambition and confidence in me has lifted my motivation and drive to a level I could not have reached alone. She truly believes in her actors. If you're ready to work hard, she's ready to work even harder for you. "

- Paloma Kwiatkowski, Actor

"Working with Carrie Wheeler has been one of the most positive influences in my career by far. A dear friend and incredibly hard worker, Carrie pushes me to be the best I can be while helping to navigate the waters of a career that can at times feel unnavigable."

- Dylan Playfair, Actor

"Carrie exemplifies everything it means to be a strong, independent, intelligent, forward thinking, compassionate and loving woman. If she believes in you, then you damn well better believe in yourself because she will fight tooth and nail to the end of the world to give you the best opportunities in this industry. She is there for you, through thick and thin in both career and life, and I couldn't be more fortunate to have her along my side in this journey. Carrie is more than an agent or a colleague, she's a friend, she's family." 

- Aren Buchholz, Actor

"Carrie Wheeler has been my agent since 2001 and throughout that time has exemplified what it means to be an agent with her perfected mix of professionalism and personal touch. She is my partner in my business of being an actor and I am not only satisfied with what she brings, but I feel privileged to have her on my side."

– Michael Karl Richards, Actor

“I’ve never seen an agent who works as hard for her clients as Carrie Wheeler. Right off the bat, I could tell that she genuinely cared about my goals and aspirations. Carrie has such a passion and you can see that she loves what she does. If she believes in something, she will stop at nothing to get it. Carrie makes you feel like family and I’m truly grateful that our paths crossed.”

- Phillip Lewitski, Actor

"I have to say getting to know Carrie Wheeler has been one of the most fortunate, lucrative, and sincerest blessings in my life. She is an absolute professional and, in my opinion, excels way beyond her job description. Nobody fights harder, and is more motivated than Carrie."

– Kerry James, Actor

"Carrie Wheeler is one of the most fearless, ambitious, and intellectual individuals I have had the opportunity to meet. She will fight for you, because she is family. She will support you, because she is a true friend. She will cry with you, because she is grounded and understanding on every level possible. Carrie believes in those around her, and that is what truly matters in this industry, and more or less in life."

- Taylor Hui, Actor/Model/Founder of BeaYOUtiful

"I have found her to be a creative producer and a determined and honest businesswoman – that rare combination of artist and entrepreneur."

– Moses Znaimer, Chairman / Executive Producer, MZTV

"I found her to be industrious, energetic and diligent with regard to her entertainment industry activities."

– Kirk D’Amico, President, Myriad Pictures

"In my opinion, Miss Wheeler possesses charm, knowledge of the industry and ambition.  Her insatiable appetite to learn so she can drive herself farther is admirable"

– Michael Mosca, Senior Vice-President & C.O.O., Equinoxe Films

"Her standards for turning out a high quality product that could compete in today’s marketplace never wavered and when hard decisions had to be made, she made them with a conscious eye towards the creative and financial ramifications they would have."

– William Dear, Director